Get Your JHE Yearbook

JHE Yearbook 2021
Posted on 03/31/2021

The yearbook deadline is fast approaching!

The yearbook costs $25

To pre-order or customize a 2020-21 yearbook, click on the link below and enter our school’s passcode: 1016025988554861  

Link: JHE Yearbook Orders and Customization

We want to give one more opportunity to parents to make sure that all students have the opportunity to have their picture in the yearbook. If you were not able to come on campus, we are inviting you to send in a photo of your Retriever (student). In order to make a cohesive yearbook, we have a few guidelines for photo submission. 

  • Photo of only the student
  • Close up a photo from the torso to head
  • Minimal background (no words or other images). 
  • School photo style (no silly faces, or gestures, no sunglasses)
  • Photo from this school year